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Glimpses of the AMS - India Chapter

In 2000, Dr, Susanna Reubake an Anthroposophic Physician came to india and initiated the interest of Anthroposophy and A.M. in 2 doctors Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna and Dr. Swapna Narendra . The visit to IPMT in Philippines by these 2 doctors, spurred their interest and commitment to starting the organisation in India and thence came the IPMTs to India. The first 4 IPMT programs were held in Hyderabad from 2004 that has now travelled to Bangalore, Tamil nadu, Mumbai and then to Kolkata from where it has now come back to Mumbai.

As the interest among other doctors grew , there was a need to have focused programs and hence the expansion from Hyderabad to Bengaluru, Chennai, and mumbai where there are bodies of medical professionals training in Anthroposophic Medicine. This has bolstered by the certification of doctors from varied specialities and disciplines in Anthroposophic Medicine.

While we have in all the centuries of civilisation, been enamoured with the development of science and technology, and much invested in the developments that make ones work and living apparently easier and liveable. We have in the process been involved in the excesses of human endeavour that has come with a price.

If one were to look back in the last 5 decades, what is obvious is that, there is a growing disconnect with ones own relationships-be they professional or personal. The material development and wealth created has been at the cost of depleting warmth and kinship. In fact ones own disconnect with oneself has been the cause for a growing number of illnesses. While the illnesses have found favour with modern medical methods and treatment is available, the root of the problem does not get addressed well enough.

When understanding the illness is necessary, the understanding of the person with the illness is more important. The wisdom of the Human being is the bedrock on which rests the management and therapy of disease. Rudolf Steiner, ( 1861-1925) an Austrian spiritual scientist and Initiate, propounded the philosophy that today is called Anthroposophy. ( Anthropos- Human being, Sophia -Wisdom) The basis for all that is governing the planet earth, Man is at the epicentre of it. While we have been able to lord over the earth in our own way, we have to admit there are times when awe are challenged and completely non plussed by what we face.

Anthroposophy has its head quarters in the Goetheanum in Dornach Switzerland. This body governs the functioning of its different arms that encompasses, General Anthroposophy, Anthroposophic Medicine, Eurythmy, Art Therapy, Biodynamic Farming, Economy, Architecture, Community, Pedagogy- Warldorf Schools, etc. www.goetheanum.org

Lets look at what is the Human being

The Physical Body- it the "Annamaya kosha" as we refer to it in our country. This is something we share with all minerals and all objects the last broken down feature that is relatable to the earth. its condensed and hard and inanimate.

The other aspect of the human being is that which makes it live- a life force- we call it the Etheric or ether body- the "Pranamaya Kosha" . This is what we share with the plant word. a life force that keeps it alive and has the water as its element.

What gives movement and feelings is that which we share with the animal world- the "Monomaya Kosha" This gives movement and ability to feel and emote. This we refer to as the Astral body. this has air as its element as air is mobile.

The one feature that distinguishes man from all other objects and living things on the planet is the singular ability to think, choose, decide and judge. Surely man has come with a special ability to use intelligible speech. The ability to use all this is something that makes man a spiritual being on the planet, This is due to the Ego Body or the Ich - in German- Or the Vignanamaya Kosha. That which brings being into the Human being. This is related to the Warmth or Fire.

The presence of these four bodies or sheaths in harmony and working in balance provides for ease and health. The absence of balance between thee four will cause dis-ease!

The presence of these four bodies or sheaths makes for a functioning human being.

Its now essential to understand the systems that are functional elements of the human being.

The three functional parts of the human being are:

Firstly, the Nerve sense system that streams from above down wards into all parts of the body thus governing the actions of the body of the human being. The thinking human is able to use this element to ensure that different part of the body are properly governed and moved to function.

Secondly, the human being is having the Rhythmic system that is in the middle comprising the heart and the lungs. These are the rhythmic organs that function incessantly in the body till death. the taking in of the air and purification of the blood with oxygenation is possible by the rhythmic activity of the middle system.

Lastly we have the metabolic movement or limb system. This in the lower aspect of the physical body also contributes to providing the necessary energy and fuel that is necessary for the functions .this is the part that actually makes what one consumes as food into something that is converted to something acceptable . a veritable "taking-ownership-of" situation in the body, that facilitates usage in different aspects of the body.

It is essential that the cold and clinical hardened part of the nerve sense system, the warming mobile Metabolic movement system are balanced well. This is a necessary prerequisite it ensure good health. Thus bringing about a balance in the functions of the three systems that ensures good health and the absence -needless to say-ill health.

The different arms of Anthroposophy encompass varied fields of human endeavour

  • Anthroposophic medicine & Integrative therapies system
  • Pedagogy- Waldorf Schools
  • Agriculture- Biodynamic Farming
  • Eurythmy
  • Artistic therapy
  • Curative education
  • Camphill movement
  • Architecture
  • Economy
  • Community development

AMS India Office Bearers

President : Dr. Swapna Narendra

Vice President: Dr. Malarvizhi Periasami

General Secretary : Dr. Wahida M Shaikh

Joint Secretary : Dr. Karthiyaini Mahadevan

Treasurer: Dr. Delna Tarapore

Executive members:

Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna

Dr. Sangita Sohi

Plot no 159, Road no 10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500033, Telangana