About Anthroposophic Medicine

An Introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine

What is Anthroposophic Medicine?

Anthroposophic medicine is an extension of orthodox medical practice and is based on a comprehensive view of the human being provided by Anthroposophical spiritual science, pioneered by Rudolf Steiner (PhD) (1861 – 1925) worked in close co-operation with Dutch physician, Dr. Ita Wegman (1876 – 1943) to co-author the book 'Fundamentals of Therapy'.


The work of Rudolf Steiner to understand physical and chemical processes and transcend them is a major contribution in fulfilling this need that retains in its approach to things spiritual the clarity and exactness of scientific thinking that are the justified hallmark of our present age. For a start it is possible to experience that: Each human being is a unique individual and needs to be treated accordingly. Scientific, artistic and spiritual insights may need to be applied together in restoring health. Life has meaning and purpose. The loss of this sense is often reflected in a deterioration of general health. Illness may provide opportunities for positive change and new balance in our lives.

Health is a harmonious interactions of the program systems and the functions of the organism in the services of the soul and spiritual development of the human being. It is also a complex expression of the common evolution of human beings, nature and the cosmos.

Disease processes

Illness occurs when the integrative ability of the organism no longer works properly and certain functions, processes, organs or organ systems drop out of their previously harmoniously coordinated context.

Accordingly, recovery and healing are processes of re integration using medicinal, nursing, artistic, and psycho therapeutic means as well as, through changes of life style, and ways of working.

How is A. M. different from other healing modalities in Practice.

  • A.M. is an integrative and complementary system that is able to bridge the gap between other systems and the spiritual aspects of the human being
  • A different form of seeing the human being through the concepts of 3 and 4 folded-ness.
  • The life span or the biography of the person is divided into distinct seven year epochs. These have a bearing of the genesis of ill health or the illnesses that areas during those times- significant while dealing with children.
    • The constitutional types in school children
    • A new understanding of sleep
    • The premise that psychological illness have a physical basis
    • The artistic therapies that could be woven in with the remedies
    • The external treatment s in the form of foot baths, compresses and massages
    • Curative eurythmy - a form of movement therapy which brings in archetypal movements that have formed the human body to heal it illness.
    • Identification local grown medicinal plants

Anthroposophic Medical Society India chapter

Glimpses of the AMS - India Chapter

In 2000, Dr, Susanna Reubake an Anthroposophic Physician came to india and initiated the interest of Anthroposophy and A.M. in 2 doctors Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna and Dr. Swapna Narendra . The visit to IPMT in Philippines by these 2 doctors, spurred their interest and commitment to starting the organisation in India and thence came the IPMTs to India. The first 4 IPMT programs were held in Hyderabad from 2004 that has now travelled to Bangalore, Tamil nadu, Mumbai and then to Kolkata from where it has now come back to Mumbai.

As the interest among other doctors grew , there was a need to have focused programs and hence the expansion from Hyderabad to Bengaluru, Chennai, and mumbai where there are bodies of medical professionals training in Anthroposophic Medicine. This has bolstered by the certification of doctors from varied specialities and disciplines in Anthroposophic Medicine.


  • Within the heart there lives
  • In radiant light
  • The human Will to help.
  • Within the heart there works
  • In warmth-giving power
  • The human force of Love.
  • Then let us bear
  • The soul's whole will
  • In heart- warmth
  • And Heart-light
  • Then we work to heal
  • Those in need of healing
  • Through God's sense of grace.

- Rudolf Steiner