An Introduction to Anthroposophy


  • The human being is bridge
  • Between the Past
  • And future existence;
  • The present is momentary;
  • The moment as Bridge.
  • Spirit turned to soul
  • In matter’s shell,
  • It comes from the past;
  • Soul turning to spirit
  • In seed encased
  • It is future bound.
  • Grasp future
  • Through what has been,
  • Hope for what will become
  • Through what is complete.
  • So seize what is
  • In what will be;
  • So seize what will be
  • In what is.

Rudolf Steiner for Ita Wegman on 24 December 1920 GA 40, p. 143

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Anthroposophic Medicine

An Introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine

What is Anthroposophic Medicine?

Anthroposophic medicine is an extension of orthodox medical practice and is based on a comprehensive view of the human being provided by Anthroposophical spiritual science, pioneered by Rudolf Steiner (PhD) (1861 – 1925) worked in close co-operation with Dutch physician, Dr. Ita Wegman (1876 – 1943) to co-author the book 'Fundamentals of Therapy'.

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